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Christmas Cheer!

­­­Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was wonderful, despite a small setback.  Lots of laughter, good food, way too many presents and my first white Christmas ever. I ended my work week Wednesday night with a double dance program – got to do a minuet that I like but don’t often do because only two men in the group know it and it’s rather seldom that we are scheduled for the same program. My mom asked at Thanksgiving if I would take over the holiday cooking so Thursday I did a bit of baking and prep work for Christmas dinner before my husband and I took off to visit his family. We had a great, if short, visit with his dad’s family and his mom’s family. They thankfully live near each other so we can see almost everyone when we travel out that way. Does usually mean eating two big holiday meals in one day, followed by another the next day with my family, but we get all the families in that way. 

We got home late Friday night and each opened a gift to the other. Hubby got me a pretty creamware reproduction of a 1740s teapot. He got several reproduction 18c stoneware fish-shaped pastry molds. (Yes, we are history nerds…)

Christmas day didn’t quite go as planned. We planned to open our gifts to each other at home, then go over to my parents’ house to spend the day with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece, and have dinner with my family and some friends. My body, however, decided that it wanted to conduct a full-body purge starting at 3:00am. There are apparently no urgent care type facilities open 8:30am or so on Christmas day in this area, so we ended up at the hospital. Five hours, three nurses, two IV bags and a couple of doses of anti-nausea meds later, I was yuking my way back home.  Hubby had to cart foodstuffs and gifts over to my parents house while I slept off the all-night “fun” I’d had. Mom ended up doing some of the cooking after all, but my husband and brother pitched in, our friends brought stuff, s-i-l made her bacalao and they ended up having a good meal even if it wasn’t quite what was planned (and I didn't get to attend, much less cook it). I did wake up enough to se the snow falling in the afternoon – first white Christmas ever for me, including the year I was in Switzerland. Snowed most of Sunday, too. We probably shouldn’t have gone, but I was feeling well enough Sunday afternoon that hubby took me to my parents’ house so I could spend time with my family for the holiday.  

So even though Christmas day was a bit rocky, the holiday was fabulous! Hope everyone is enjoying the post holiday glow. Cheers!

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More happy things

Thursday happiness:

  • Pay day!
  • Being greeted by tail wagging dogs when we got home. Hard to be upset when two big bundles of fur are so glad to see you.
  • Decorating our tree. I love using all the ornaments that friends and family have given over the years and ones I purchased at places I have visited. Might not be a decorator tree, but it makes me smile.
  • Getting Christmas cards in the mail. Much better than the loads of junk mail that is the usual this time of year.
Things that have made me smile today:
  • It's Friday!
  • An unexpected visit from a friend/co-worker this morning. He works for CW, too, but we never run into each other unless we have dance program together.  Nice to chat with him.
  • A big box of grapefruits and another of oranges. My god daughter had to sell fruit to support her high school band. Expensive fruit, but I like helping out her band and particularly love the grape fruit. Nom nom nom. 
  • The rediculous, over-the-topness of the program at the Palace tomorrow. I'll freeze my feet off walking around in the gardens tomorrow night, but they will be beautifully lit and I will be with friends.
Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Things that made me happy yesterday:

·         Our fireplace is working again. It’s a gas fire, not nearly as mesmerizing as a real wood fire, but pretty, easy and doesn’t make as much mess in the house.  Flip a switch and the fire is on. Ooooh, pretty flames.

·         I spent the afternoon with my sister-in-law and niece doing a bit of Christmas gift shopping and chatting. Well, my niece did a lot of drooling, not chatting, but then she is only 6 months old and teething.

·         A friend gave us a Christmas tree. He got one free from work but had already put up an artificial tree so asked if we wanted the real pine. Yes, thank you! Hubby brought it home and the dogs supervised our placement. Now to haul the ornaments out of the attic and put them on the tree. Might not happen until Friday or Saturday. In the mean time, the tree looks good perfectly nude.

And for today:

·         I deposited the $100 contact allowance from my insurance. Almost covered their cost.

·         I visited with the wig shop staff, who are frantically powdering and primping wigs for the big ball this weekend. 

·         The crock pot I lent to a friend for her Grand Illumination party was sitting on my desk this morning full of homemade cookies and candy. Nom nom nom.

·         I have sewing circle tonight so get to eat good food, gab with good friends and finish making the buttons for hubby’s Christmas gift waistcoat. 

·         idlewild_grey  should be there tonight. I see that she will be able to go home for Christmas. Spending the holiday alone away from family stinks. I’m so glad she gets to go home.

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Let's get happy!

Ah, yes, posting. I had a roll going there for a bit. Three posts within a month. Much better than the three in a year schedule I had been keeping. Let’s see if I can get back into the posting groove.  I think I’ll steal jennylafleur’s idea about posting things that make me happy and another friend’s November facebook status updates of things for which she was thankful. Like jennylafleur said, this time of year there are so many happy things, and nearly every day something reminds me of how thankful I am for my health, family and friends.

So I am happy for a fun start to the holiday season this weekend. Friday night I went to a friend’s office holiday party. I didn’t know anyone else there, but I had a good time with my friend, who had had to plan the event for 200 people, and I got to dance. If you can call failing body parts somewhat in tune to Lady Gaga, Byoncé, and Akon dancing. My friend and I had fun, though.

Saturday hubby and I helped a friend with some work around his house. Our friend R bought and 18th-century house 8 or 9 years ago, and is finally getting some work done on the place.


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Probably no sewing tonight

Hubby adn I are having at-home date night tonight. We haven't seen the last couple of Harry Potter movies and want to catch up before going to the new one. Now if I can stay awake -- after tossing and turnign last night, I had an ealry start to the work day for a commercial shoot.  I'm ready for a nap!

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Ah, grand plans for sewing last weekend were somewhat waylaid by unexpected visits and nice weather. A friend had the floors in his house refinished and couldn’t walk on them for two days so asked to stay with us for the weekend. He and my husband went of hunting Saturday, which meant I could have spent the afternoon sewing, but the weather was too nice to be inside. I cleaned the frostbitten plants out of the vegetable garden, put away the outdoor cushions for the winter and played with the dogs. Sunday was even prettier. I did sit on the front porch swing that morning and start on the pockets of one of the waistcoats before we went over to visit my folks. I love walking in the woods over there. The old 19th-c roads make great trails, and the dogs come bounding along. 

I have done a bit of sewing this week. Sunday and Monday night I altered a hunting shirt for an event my husband is doing next month. The last couple of nights I have worked on the pockets and front lining of one of the waistcoats. 

I’m using a Kannik’s Corner jacket pattern for this one, just not putting sleeves on it. And the cloth is some nice striped linen from bauhausfrau . Thanks, L! I have one front lining in and should be able to finish the other side tonight. That means buttonholes next. Ugh. I think this needs 16 buttonholes. And my Brunswick waistcoat needs buttonholes. Woohoo.

On the bright side, it's almost Friday!

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Looking like a waistcoat weekend

Well, I think all the sewing for the week happened Sunday. As I was leaving work yesterday several friends from out of town called to say they was in town (Colonial Williamsburg was giving free admission to veterans and active duty military) so I spent the evening visiting with them. I did get home early enough to sew the sleeves on. Now to figure out the side pleats.

This weekend my free time will be dedicated to waistcoats -- mine for the Brunswick and the two I am making for my husdand.  Gah! That means a LOT of buttonholes.
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Pretty purple pleats

So this sewing thing that occasionally happens around here…uhm, yeah. Some sewing happens, but I don’t seem to manage to post much. I’ll try to remedy that. Might help me keep focused on the numerous sewing projects that I want to get done by February.  I have the Brunswick, two waistcoats for my husband, and a 1805 tunic gown I'd like to get done in the next couple of months. And that doesn't inlcude the polonaise that I started last year, the early 19c corset that is wearable but needs cording, the early 19c coat cut out for my husband, finishing the trim on a 1770s gown, and the hemmed but as yet sewn on ruffle for the bottom of a silk petticoat that is already made that are all in my UFO pile. 

Last weekend I attended the www.burnleyandtrowbridge.com/ Brunswick workshop.  

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Time Flies

I'm going to the Twenty Year Club reception tonight, a first-timer for the annual reception for those employees who have been here 20 years or more.  I can't believe I've worked here that long. Funny, I got a job here in the first place to earn a bit of money while I looked for real job. That was back in August of '89. I have since discovered that real jobs are rather overrated in my book. I'm grateful to have a job I like and work with interesting, talented people.
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Twelfth Night was a roaring success.  Around 65 people attended, all but 3 in costume. (We’ll banish them next year!) Some folks who came last year in modern clothes found, made, bought and borrowed costuming to attend this year in high style. Lovely music, lively dancing, brandy punch, tasty treats, Twelfth Night cake, and fine company in beautiful garb enjoying animated conversation made for a very pleasant evening. sadievale , jennylafleur , sweet_lil_yank , and chinook2006 were there in all their lovely silks and high hair. 

There were several moments when I felt like I was back in time savoring an evening of entertainment -- dancing Trip to Paris to teh sounds of a German flute, sipping brandy punch from a period-shaped wine glass, hearing Robert sing with Kate and Amy joining in the chorus, and crawling into a poster bed in my shift with the curtains drawn and the fire blazing in the fireplace.  The comments from other guests seem to indicate that most people had as much fun as I did. Huzzah! Don’t know if I can wait another year for such a fun party.

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As far as sewing goes, I made a new petticoat to go with the jacket I made for Costume College last summer. The petticoat is a silk/cotton blend that has a dreamy soft drape. It unfortunately now also has spots of red candle wax (curses to he who brought red candles to the party anyway), traces of meat pie, a spot of brandy punch and a streak of soot on it. I hope the millinery staff can offer words of advice on how to clean all that out. None is extremely noticeable but still not nice additions to a brand new petticoat. Oh, well. It was worth the fun!